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Widely open aperture allows saving noise values necessary for frame sharpness and low ISO values. However, it is important to remember about blocking off a shift and tilt when changing the directions. The sharpness of the food lens is impressive. It’s really sharp and easily captures all the details in the frame and has minimal focal distance. What's up guys! You want to have the flexibility to get very close with a macro lens … However, it is not convenient to work with it in small rooms. Using flashlight can result in annoying reflections. This optics is known for its great sharpness. 18. White Balance. You will be already pleased with the sharpness on the aperture f/2.8. The Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS allows shooting with a maximal scale 1:1. Copyright © 2020 Oh My Veggies | A Vegetarian Food Blog | DMCA Policy | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Our Sister Site: Vegan Recipes by VegKitchen.com. Speaking about drawbacks, it’s chromatic aberrations, which sometimes appear at an open aperture. Thanks for sharing! We just started our website, figuring out how to make really good and attractive food pictures. Make sure you can use each lens you buy in multiple... 2. First of all, this lens is used to take pictures of food from the top. Test out the lens … Speaking about famous Helios-40, the effect is achieved by the imperfection of an optical scheme. Check out the best camera for food photography. I’ve been researching iPhone photography tips on the web and I found yours to be the most helpful! The minimal focal length is equal to 25 cm from the matrix plane. So, if the distance is a problem (in case you like macro shooting and close-ups), it will be your new lens. Mastering iphone photography is a lot like mastering any other kind of photography. If you prefer to do your photo editing online, you can use PicMonkey, and there are also numerous photo editing apps available for the iPhone. Definitely helpful for a beginner like me. No matter whether you are a food photographer or a wedding shooter, this optics is a must-have. It’s so awesome that you found affordable reflectors! I didn’t use a foam board in that photo at all. If the composition consists of more than one plate, you will have to climb very high. Sharpness: Some lenses are sharp, some are not. I’ve been procrastinating for about 6 years. If you need a universal high-aperture lens for all of life's emergencies, 12-35mm f/2.8 is the best variant for today. I haven’t noticed visible distortions. The reason photographers use DSLR cameras is because of the high degree of control they allow. A little food styling goes a long way when it comes to photographing food with an iPhone… With a few editing apps, I can get my food photos to look mouthwatering, professional, and Insta-ready! And, the quality of the images that an iPhone will capture has improved over the last few years. So, in no particular order, here’s what I’ve learned about food photography with an iPhone. These ideas require different lenses. I just bought another of those reflectors last week! At a minimum, I always crop and sharpen my images. I was the same way with starting my blog–I kept coming up with reasons not to do it. I personally have an iPhone and I believe it is a powerful camera. For some people, iPhone food photography is enough. Zooming. It makes the process of using an autofocus very convenient. First of all, the choice of a lens depends on the shooter’s style and his/her requirement. With the Lightroom app you have the option to photograph in DNG or JPEG. However, each food photographer is looking for the lens which will capture the food from its best side. Straight lines near the image edges remain straight which is not typical for the wide-angle lens. Each photographer should consider the distance between the camera and the plate while taking photos of food. The light coming from the window on the right is bounced around with the two boards and the result is a well-lit image. You may easily take pictures of small objects, and while shooting big ones, you take macro shots as well as capture tiny details. Once you have determined the intended composition and framing of your food photography, you can then decide which lens will be the most beneficial in creating your work. The distance across the whole focal range does not exceed half a second. The iPhone 7 and 8 have just one 28mm lens inside, whereas the iphone 7S, 8S and X have an additional 56mm lens, allowing for some optical zoom.. Ability to correct perspective distortions is necessary for product, architectural, and panoramic shooting as well. Thanks to tilt and shift options, it is great for creative shootings and is appreciated for flexibility while working with sharpness and background blurring. The Sony FE 50mm … If you want to check the sharpness of your lens, take several shots. In comparison with 105mm optics (my favorite one), I have to stay at a distance of 2 to 4 feet from the subject to get the shot I have, using a 60mm lens. A lot of the worst pictures I’ve seen are ones taken with $800 cameras. The sharpness of this food photography lens is nice. Some lenses are quite good but the majority of them are not sharp at all. This is an awesome post! David Watsky: What should one consider when buying a camera for food photography? Choosing a lens is specific to the intention and style of the photographer. You are pretty awesome! Unlike a 105mm lens which weighs 1 pound 12 ounces, 60mm optics is half of this weight (1 pound). It’s the best camera phone for food photography. The turn of a tilt mechanism allows changing the mutual location of tilt and shift sides from the perpendicular to parallel that is for vertical and horizontal shootings. It is a macro lens so you may easily take close-ups. I also use a piece of white foam board to reflect light opposite the window, which lessens shadows and dark spots. I love how easy to understand your tips were and how you showed pictures of your setups. I’ll have to try these tips and maybe it’ll inspire me to blog again! Maybe this seems a little bit silly on the surface–after all, if you’re buying equipment, shouldn’t you just buy a DSLR camera? This goes for any type of photography, but when you’re using an iPhone that affords you little control, it’s even more important. I haven’t used it on my blog yet because I’m still working on perfecting it (as you can see from the photo–like I said, I don’t claim to be an expert! It is a great macro lens providing ideally clear shots. The wide-angle lens allows shooting from the above or do flat-lay. She loves sharing her recipes and showing the world just how easy and delicious meatless meals can be! Secondly, you may shoot with hands when there is poor lighting. Sometimes, it is not convenient for a food stylist to create a composition when the camera is too close to the subject. But you will be so glad that you do. Most iPhone lenses are marked with either a focal length or the intended style of photography. Great advise and great blog:). Although predominantly a portrait or body enhancing editing app, Cymera has several features that will come in handy for food photography. That one is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Moreover, it is also suitable both for video and photo shootings. to reflect light in two different directions. I don’t know if such a 100 mm macro lens is availale for an iPhone. A digital photo isn’t complete until you’ve edited it. I know, how sad! The best time to take photos is 2 hours before sunset–the sun is much softer at that time than it is in the middle of the day. For a while, I found myself sinking into a deep depression whenever I read about someone else’s super awesome photography equipment. Find Apple accessories to enhance your iPhone's photography capabilities and help you get that perfect shot. Thanks again, Autofocus motors are absolutely noiseless, the lens is sharp at an open aperture. Looking for the best lens for food photography but can’t choose between a fixed and zoom one? One more peculiarity that should be mentioned is that it weighs almost 1.7 pounds and uses huge light filters with an 82mm diameter. Read more about how much mm is enough to take high-quality and “yummy” food photography even at home. I love my Portable 5-in-1 Light Reflector, which was $8.85 on Amazon. It’s all about the person behind the lens and about great compositions that catch the eye. Stability and precision are key in food photography just as with product photography. This lens is created for product and food photography. Sometimes I use a second piece of foam board in front of me (but not blocking my phone, obviously!) I’m going to try some of your tips. To my mind, it is not the best lens for food photography to shoot stills unless you have a crop sensor camera. ... My Top 2 Camera Lens for Food Photography. I just found your site through Pinch of Yum, which I found theirs through Sallys Baking Addiction. But, for us, when it comes to taking good travel photos, and for taking pictures of food when traveling, Samsung wins hands down. Today we face off the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens vs the Sigma Art 50mm f1.4 for a fun comparison of the differences. One more reason why I recommend it is that it is very light. Utility: Look for a food photography lens that is versatile. Thanks so much. Moreover, it is really easy to use. It depends on the effect you are interested in and what are your final goals. In comparison with lenses for bigger matrixes, according to Macro 4/3 standards, it is quite massive. Just like photos on film need to be developed, digital photographs need to be developed too–just in a different way. During macro shooting in this position, the macro focus is the slowest but it is always accurate. I'm asked a lot how to take better shots with the iPhone. Related Post: Best Product Photography Lenses… However, there is also a drawback concerning this lens. It does not only create a smooth blurring typical for GREEP, but a vignette curved around the focal point. Learn to make great pictures with the phone, learn photoshop, learn to create a great environment and than after a lot of work and a lot of experience we will buy the big DSLR…, Until then, thank you (you just saved us a lot of money :D). Don’t forget about the degree of sharpness while choosing a food photography lens. I have tested many lenses and chosen 12 top ones suitable for food photography. Canon L lenses allow zooming in the subject without moving the camera or a tripod. I was divided between iphone and dslr.. and of course after reading this i am convinced that iphone would do justice to a new food blogger like me i need to learn a lot before i invest in an expensive camera. The second photo, on the right, uses one foam board placed to the left of subject. If you attach these optics to cameras, like Olympus OM-D E-M10, you will get an ideal system for macro shooting, and food photography, in particular. I use my dining room table, which is right next to a large window, for all of my photographs. Take Control Of Your SmartPhone Camera 1. On the bottom, I used two foam boards, one to the left of the bowl and one in front of it. When it comes to capturing splashes, a proper food photography lens and lighting play a big role. As we only have Iphones yet and we just thought about buying a DSLR (which would expand any budget :D) you just gave us the right view about it. File Format. This food photography lens has great compensated frame geometry. The optics provide great sharpness in the … Comparatively small matrix allows not to cover the aperture very much and the magnification range is very big. If you are a beginner, you will probably need a macro lens (something between 50mm and 100 mm is quite suitable). Starting with f/4.0, the image becomes sharp across the entire field. I have found macro lenses … If you dream of a blade-sharp picture, it will be an ideal variant. Oh, I totally know the feeling! This is a simple lens that attaches to your iPhone through a basic cord. With an iPhone, you have very little control of your camera, so instead, you need to learn to control your environment. When you use zoom on an iPhone 7 or 8, all you are getting is digital zoom… Take dozens of pictures at several different angles for every dish you’re photographing. Bcolor Food Photography Backdrop Paper 4 Pack Kit 22x35Inch/ 56x88cm Double Sided Photo Background Roll Marble Wood Flat Lay for Product Jewelry Tabletop Props Pictures, 8 Patterns. Personally, I like this lens for an artistic effect of axis-tilt. I recommend switching on magnification while shooting in the Live View Mode to avoid any mistakes. Judy. Thanks again! If you are wondering whether it would be convenient to take pictures after attaching lenses to your iPhone… The optics provide great sharpness in the middle of the frame with an open aperture. I’m glad you found it helpful–I hope you start blogging again too! Let me know when it’s up and running! It is convenient since you don’t have to climb somewhere (like with 100 mm lens, for instance). The most crucial advice for iPhone food photography is to use natural light. This is the most important tip–don’t get bummed that you don’t have a fancy camera. An f/1.8 aperture is tough to find in a zoom lens, but that’s not the case for a prime. Of course, it is not a reason to avoid using wide-angle lenses in digital food photography. I would like to mention that the focus is very fast and the distance range may be manually restricted.

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