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Answer: First of all, I insert the column to see the Total Float then try to find the logic to reduce the float. Some candidates think of this as an ice-breaker question, while some think that it sets the tone for the rest of the interview. ­­Question-48: Have do you apply for an Extension of Time or conduct a Delay Analysis? Another name is IFR – Issued for Information. Once satisfied, just merge into the native program. Quantiles are preferred where material management is required mainly, and it also helps to track KPIs of a construction site. Thank you Deepak, I will keep it updated. Talk about how you executed your planning skills to set the meeting for the right time, at the right place, with the right purpose. Making effective decisions. The Earned Man-hour is the achieved or completed man-hours, and the actuals are the man-hours spent on an activity or project. I draw S curves for Man-hours, Cost, Manpower Histogram, Equipment Histogram. Being able to provide specific details versus general ones is key to nailing behavioral interview question answers… î ð: What is redundant logic? Business Analyst should be able to understand the business policies, business operations, structure of the organization and … Here, we draw curves to find out the project situation but not limited to; See this graph to understand more about CPI, SPI, BCWS, BAC, Schedule Slippage, Variance, EV, AC, and PV, as we have discussed earlier. Client – Normally, the Sponsor, who provides finance to run a project. Question-3: How many baselines are allowed in any project, and which baseline decides the project’s success or failure? Answer: The main driver consists of significant activities driving the project on the critical path. They want to evaluate your planning skills and abilities. Spend time upfront planning and crafting questions that fit the role and the ideal candidate so that your next job interview is a success. Answer: There are four types we normally came across 1. PMC – Project Management Consultant, is hired by the Client. Peple are selling these Planning Engineers question through a pdf ebook. Some companies using the above cash flow format and use the data to represent in the S curve, which gives a better understanding than the tabular format. An easy question to answer well with one caveat – don’t slam your fellow interviewee’s. Examples Rubber lining, Concrete Work, Machine Failures in a Specific Duration, Plantation, Number of hiring/firings, Training, etc. Most Frequently Asked Business Analyst Interview Questions And Answers to Help You Prepare For The Upcoming Interview: A Business Analyst is the one who analyzes the business of an organization. Activity: A discrete, planned portion of work to be performed in a project. We constantly review our content to avoid errors and copyright violations, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all the content. It is useful for many. Sample answer: I keep a running “to do” list. A combination of activities with the total float as zero are included all. You may have four phases or less/more. Your candidate's responses to your interview questions about planning will help you to determine whether planning skills are a part of their job skill set. Time Management & Prioritization Job Interview Questions. … Behavioral Interview Questions About Organizational Skills Organizational skills are an important factor in a person’s career and are a common interview topic. AFC/IFC, 3. This will help the Portfolio Manager find out outcomes and forecasts, and we can further dig deeper into the activity level if needed. Long legs are highly undesirable. Question 68: What is the difference between Earned Manhours and Actual Manhours? A convenient feature but should be used carefully. Although it is a separate product nowadays, it is a built-in Primavera P6. Tell us about … Question 72: What you know about the Earned Value Management system? Nirav Parikh, yes I have included. They will ask about your strategies and techniques in organizing and preparing gatherings. A stakeholder is any individual,  a group of people or an organization that can affect or be affected positively…. But being a planner, I must say tracking is tough with this method as you need to track most of the materials. One can get realistic manpower requirements for a particular project. Yes, I need to meet my project team to know about a little productivity rate if I don’t know any specific activity. Question-41: What is Reflection in Primavera P6? Alan is the creator of Interview Success Formula, a training program that has helped more than 80,000 job seekers to ace their interviews and land the jobs they deserve. Top 10 planning coordinator interview questions and answers 1. Project control assists and ensures that the plan is controlled by providing a risk register, analyzing critical path, placing mitigation plans, track project KPI, and ensures that the project is running on time and budget. Answer: A KPI is a type of performance measurement on a particular activity where engaged. EPC – A contractor responsible for carrying out Engineering, Procurement & Construction on a project. Answer: Both are the time duration that we can put to wait or accelerate the successor activity. Answer: Critical path is the longest continuous chain of activities. It is his or her responsibility to schedule meetings and make sure that accurate minutes are being kept, among other tasks. Once a project plan is lagging, then we are asked to make a recovery plan. If you have a job interview coming up, it’s smart to already think about example situations in which you have managed your time efficiently, for instance, through coping with competing deadlines. Answer: There are five major & must mentions on any Change Order (CO) Form; 1.Change in the Scope – Either additions or reductions. You can face this question not only in a project manager interview but also in any job interview. This increases risk. What do you do to ensure thatit all gets done? 7 Event Planner Interview Questions and Answers . Answer: It is an extension of earned value. Early dates represent the most optimistic start and end dates of any project schedule. In contrast, professionals should be installed on each machine. Long lead items are already being tracked and updated accordingly in my baseline schedule. We normally classify it as primary & secondary stakeholders. "While creativity and style are important skills to possess, it is even more important for a planner to demonstrate strong time management and organizational skills, ensuring that tasks are completed on time. 2. You can read more about the Project Kick-Off Meeting. Answer: Lag is undesirable in a plan, so does the lead. To get it, just go to the last activity, check its driving activity, go to that driving activity, and mark its driving also; the same goes until you reach the first activity. Yes Ranny, People love to steal content without permission and that’s really hurt the original creator. Thanks, Abdul Wajid. This is one question that is a part of every interview process. You can read more here, Earned Value Management. If you see there is nothing in Actual Labor Units it is 0.00. Planning coordinator’s have to play important roles in a team or group. May I know the region where you were interviewed all these questions. As-built Drawings. Interview Questions for a Planning Engineer contain versatility of information regarding all the project management fields. SHARES. Good example interview answers to behavioral interview questions about your attention to detail and accuracy. 1. Answer: From 1983 to 2004, Primavera used the P3 suffix for all kinds of releases like P3 version 1.0, P3 version 3.0, etc., but this suffix changed to P6 to avoid confusion among P3, SureTrak, and the Primavera. Further Reading – Examples of competency based interview questions – list of competencies & skills. If you need to accelerate because of the other party like the client-side, then being a contractor always ensures acceleration. Better to document this for reference to give credit. I forgot how much is involved in project controls but you covered it expertly, this was a great article, well done. Employers want to know how an employee would organize his workflow in the organization. Consider this PM interview question as a self-promotion opportunity. For example, if the total duration is 300 days, then 30 days float is OK to go. He knows better all the work phases even during the tender stage and at the construction stage. – Adnan Khan. Top 10 planning coordinator interview questions and answers 1. How would you answer? Question4: Tell me why do you want to work as HVAC draftsman for this organisation? On the other hand, late dates suggest that the latest activities can be started and finish without impacting the project’s finish date. Still, it is a great and powerful application. Answer: Both are schedule compression techniques. 1. Answer: I have used both of these, but in my opinion, Primavera P6 is way more powerful than MS Project. Question 77: Is mitigation and recovery schedule the same? 3 This ebook includes two parts: - Part I: Top 52 planning officer interview questions with answers (pdf, free download) - Part II: Top 12 tips to prepare for planning officer interview 4. I read somewhere on LinkedIn (by Mustafa Ozgoren) that. Answer: The Project Stakeholder is any entity affected either positively or negatively by that project. (Real question). Indicate how you take minutes because this will be a great opportunity for you to express how you get the job done. Thank you Saikat. Normally, a constraint is the culprit of it. Common interview questions (with example answers) 1. Web Support is also available in Primavera P6 EPPM that means a user can operate through the internet without installing Primavera P6 software on a machine. Answer: In the Earned value management system, we use historical data to forecast the future.

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