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A form of Oriental Plane with spectacular autumn foliage. Ideal for hedging, amenable for pruning into any shape or grow as a small specimen tree. Please locate your nearest retailer. Upright columnar form. Leaves are fresh green with broad, creamy white outer zone in spring/summer, turning salmon pink to rosy purple in autumn. Searched: All flora species Showing results 2441 to 2460 of 9710. Keep moist until it is established. Large vigorous tree of rounded form. Fast growing, wide spreading, stately tree suitable for large gardens or farm planting. Grows well in most soil conditions. Grows well in free draining soil in a sunny situation. Leaves up to 30 cm long divided into as many as 13 leaflets. Prefers moist growing conditions. Notable for its shiny green bark, striped silvery white. Known for its brilliant display of golden leaves in autumn. Typical furrowed bark with 'gumball' top giving a unique & colourful mophead. Magnificent rounded specimen densely covered in golden yellow foliage from spring through to autumn. This magnificent tree carries spectacular huge (dinner plate size) deep rose-pink bowl shaped flowers during August and Sept. It is an excellent alternative for the smaller garden and as a street tree. Hardy, appreciates good growing conditions, plus moisture. Best known and most brilliant of cultivated Photinias. Brown autumn foliage holding well into winter. Scarlet autumn colour with interesting winter bough structure. Frost Hardy Beautiful small tree with spreading fanlike picturesque branch structure. Fast growing but appropriate for small gardens. ... mark@allwood.co.nz… Reddish-purple autumn foliage. Native to Spain and Portugal. Its bronze foliage in spring turns mid-green throughout the year. Deciduous. Simply turn on the selection choices to get the plant … Moisture necessary. Pictures are a representation only and intended as a helpful guide. Early flowering. Pyramidal grower with a broad sweeping semi weeping branches. We provide an online tool to search the New Zealand Patent Register and our collection of published New Zealand patent abstracts or IPONZ summary information dating back to 1861 (excluding the period from 1880 to 1890). Finally in autumn the leaves change to fiery orange or crimson scarlet. A second flush of mid-summer growth provides a brief splash of lighter pink. Not an option for areas with early spring frosts. Needs wind shelter plus moisture. Delivery is free when you spend $99 or more on plants or pots. Stately. Hardy. Small vigorous tree, main attraction being its glistening polished red-brown flaking mahogany like bark. Hardy, popular, grows rapidly. Hardy. A large handsome tree with broad fan like leaves of light green. Prune to encourage new growth. Grows rapidly. Tall tree. Thornless and flowerless, drought resistant. Foliage somewhat resembles Photina serrulata. Foliage holds its colour right through winter. The most cold hardy lemon variety. Leaflets provide dappled shade. They turn a brilliant crimson in autumn and these hold on to the trees through winter. Bright green spring foliage matures to rich purple-claret- red tones. One of the best known beeches. We grow 85% of what we sell which enables us to offer the best quality plants for sale at the very best prices all inclusive of GST. Large 25cm powerfully fragrant waxy white flowers turning buff with age produced through summer and autumn. Evergreen. Hardy and tolerant of most climates and conditions. The site combines data from the New Zealand Plant Names Database and the Allan Herbarium Specimen database – providing access to information on the scientific and vernacular names, distribution and collection data, keys, descriptions and images. Janice’s research interests... Otago Innovation. Deciduous. The fruit matures in autumn. The Networks vision is that “the rich, diverse and unique native plant life of New Zealand … An ideal lawn specimen or good in containers. Flowers in early to mid-summer, slightly fragrant. Deciduous. Buying plants and bulbs from an online or mail order nursery can be an economical way of purchasing plants. A dense busy shrub or small tree. Smaller than other yellow varieties. Deciduous 5x3m. PLANTS has new maps Plants … Pendulous clusters of white snowdrop like flowers, slightly fragrant, followed by green berries. Forming a small tree with wide spreading branches, creating a broad flattened crown. Thick large deep green leaves take on fantastic shades of orange-red & crimson throughout autumn. Hugely popular selection for garden plantings. Can be kept smaller with pruning, Handsome and hardy shrub or small tree. Search just the article name and introductory paragraph; it's quicker, a "once over lightly". Creamy- white flower bracts produced in abundance early summer. Fruits are pods about 15cm long. Prefer free-draining, moisture retentive soils and are seen at their best in full sun. Available on 1m, 1.5m and 1.8m standards. Our plant finder tool makes searching for plants easy Simply turn on selection choices such as NZ native, must tolerate coastal conditions, must have fragrant flowers, etc to get the plant you want. Fertilise autumn & spring with citrus fertiliser. Beautiful form with spectacular spring growth of glorious coral pink shades changing to yellowish green in maturity, slow growing. Needs some wind protection. Excellent performer through winter & early spring with delightful dark pink buds, opening to show a soft white with pink margins. Rounded burr-like fruit hangs in clusters. Can tolerate damp positions. Yield size can increase with cross pollination. Creates a magnificent display when mass planted. Deciduous. Likes damp position and wind sheltered. 4m, A smaller neat looking bush grows well with a pyramidal habit, attractive fresh green leaves. Tree. harming Japanese shrubby Magnolia, among the first to bloom. It produces an abundance of lemon scented creamy white starry flowers which flower early spring. Flower sizes vary from delightful miniatures under 3cm across, up to magnificant semi-doubles, all perfect for garden display or floral art. Needle like juvenile foliage, glaucous grey. Woody stemmed plants grown mainly for their massed display of flowers, which vary greatly in size. Ideal small shade tree, graceful, round headed with arching branches producing fine frond like foliage, ruby-red in spring, deepening to bronze shades in autumn. Will improve the yield of other early season feijoas through cross pollination. Small polished and leathery deep green leaves. Lovely green foliage turns butter-gold before leaf fall, to reveal brilliant red stems and twigs. Dimensions: available on 90cm and 1.5mm standards. Cold hardy. Bloom from an early age. The renowned Hagley Park cherries are Prunus Yedoensis. Excellent favour. New leaves are copper coloured in spring, maturing to green and colouring beautifully in autumn. A delightful dwarf Sycamore with foliage heavily flecked. Small green flowers in spring are followed by green to black fruits loved by birds. Brilliant small tree for autumn colour, slow growing, wide spreading habit Often multi trunked. Requires an open sunny position. Needs space so as to allow for continual sideways spread. New Zealand Plant Protection Society Their main objective: "To pool and … Small oval leaves, leathery, glossy green and evenly toothed. Red-stemmed Japanese Maple. Excellent patio or small garden tree. Tolerant of wet poor draining soil. Magnificent weeping form. Young plants have single stem with stiff, drooping sword-like narrow leaves. A neat, pyramidal habit and bark that is smoother than normal. A vigorous small tree with attractive dark green foliage. Cream flowers in early summer. Acer davidii. Ideal specimen or avenue tree. Hardy. A very ornamental, small tree with picturesque horizontal branches in tiered layers with striking silver margined leaves. A beautiful flowering plum with pale pink blossom in spring followed by incredibly blackish purple foliage, through summer and autumn. Hardy. Produces a mass of pure white starry flowers over a long period from early spring. Vigorous grower. Perennial. Deep fertile soil required. Slender form makes this tree a popular choice for shelter and seclusion. Plant Finder We do not sell direct to the public. Prune annually for desired size. A small spreading weeping form with scarlet-red stems. Pink buds and fragrant pink flowers, fading to pearly white. Evergreen. Houseplant. Stately long-lived tree develops a spectacular wide spreading head of branches. During summer plant is covered with purplish misty flowers. The undersides are a solid pink/purple. Evergreen. Slender weeping tree with arching branches. Self fertile. Elegant specimen. Deciduous. Spring foliage is tinted bronze. Many varieties in varying sizes available for selection. Deciduous. Deciduous. Search the full article stories - it's takes longer, digging deeper and will likely find more articles than a "quick" search. Intricate and delicate soft fresh green spring foliage becomes deeper green through summer then golden yellow and orange in autumn. A dwarf selection of Liquidambar which slowly grows to only 3 meters in 10 years. Great feature tree or can be used to form a hedge. Hardy to all conditions. Hardy. Small tree with reddish stems and glossy, dark green foliage. Beautiful, creamy white flowers are goblet-shaped initially before opening out to a flared bowl shape. Phone: 03 349 1303 Clusters of small yellow flowers appear in spring, followed by green oval fruit through winter. Reasonable fast grower with lobed, bright green leaves with glaucous underside which turn brilliant red in autumn. Locate away from strong winds as delicate young foliage will suffer. Tolerant of sun or shade, coastal or heavy frosty conditions. Evergreen. Online plants – Buying mail order plants from Online Plant Nurseries. Help with your search. Enjoys moisture. Salmon red, star-like blooms in early summer, rich reddish or purple foliage in the autumn. Tolerates both frost and dry conditions. Darwf, multi stemmed, stiff, erect grower with deep-green, glossy, ovate, oval-oblong or ellipitic leaves to 3cm x 12mm, paler beneath. Clusters of cream coloured flowers borne in spring, followed by small blue/black fruits. Exceptionally large, shiny leaves, heavily felted orange brown undersides. Otago Innovation Limited helps University … Heart shaped leaves 5-7 cm long, rather leathery, dark green above, pale green below. Masses of snowy white star shaped bracts bloom in early summer and continue through January. Deciduous. Has some resistance to sea winds. Has wonderful green flowers in early spring. Perfect for the smaller garden. ... ©2020 New Zealand Plant … Young foliage green bronze, turning orange and yellow shades in autumn. With its deep narrow leathery green leaves & highly fragrant pure white flowers, this late winter bloomer is ideal for partly shaded areas around the garden. Hardy. New Zealand Plant Finder database: a list of over 50,000 plants from NZ nursery lists and NZ plant collections. Ideal for avenue or areas of limited width. Splendid choice for large lawns or public areas. Ideal where space is limited. Who Developed Flora Finder Dr Janice Lord. Showy white spring flowers, lush wavy, cupped foliage, strong pyramidal growth habit and yellow to red autumn tonings. Requires some shelter plus some moisture. Whether in full sun or part shade as long as you have good free draining soils this tree will do well. Leaves are 5 or 7 lobed, particularly long and narrow and a deep scarlet red. Cold hardy, Deciduous. Suitable as shade or specimen tree, but colours better in sunny positions. Small weeping dome-shaped tree covered in masses of dainty pink blossom on the graceful, drooping branches in early spring. Forms a large evergreen shrub or small tree with smooth stems and reddish branchlets. Forms a well branched tree with a broad domed crown. It is a neat, evenly branched with an erect growth habit. Bark is reddish brown when fresh, maturing to grayish brown before peeling off. I have seen such a misspelling on a conservatory plant … 963 likes. Groundcover A treasured small maple with striking spring growth in pale yellow, suffused light golden orange with deep margins. Beautiful yellow cup shaped blooms, flowering with foliage. Beautifully scented cultivar with more petals than the usual M stellata varieties. New spring growth dark orange-red turning to bronze-red with green undertones in summer. Large to medium sized fruit ripens in April - May. Excellent dwarf juniper with low compact cushion or bun form and bright steel-blue foliage in glaucous star-like clusters. Large leaves deeply cut into three or more impress with the beauty and intensity of gold and orange autumn colours. Clusters of white fluffy flowers in early spring. Small handsome tree with spreading branches and masses of semi-double rich pink 4 cm flowers in pendulous clusters. (PVR protected). Edible. Hardy. We offer great range of plants, high level of expertise, innovation and fantastic customer support. If you don't find the plant you are looking for here you can try searching on the NEw Zealand Plant Conservation Network website. Indifferent to soil conditions but young trees need adequate water. Attractive to birds. Lime to olive green leaves provide a fabulous background or screen. Leaves soft, cream, yellow in spring, becoming yellowish-green. A gorgeous cultivar and one of the most popular. Deciduous. Shade Evergreen. Needs protection from wind. Hardy. Vivid red autumn foliage. Graceful with arching branches carrying profusion of almond scented blush-white flowers. Highly ornamental round headed tree. (A. rubrum x A. Saccharinum) A naturally occurring hybrid which makes a large tree. Good grower. Hardy. Upright with eventual arching to pendulous branches. The patent search allows you to construct search … Large snow white flower bracts. About 10–15% of the total land area of New Zealand is covered with native flora, from tall kauri and kohekohe forests to … A strong growing, upright tree with large 7-lobed leaves. Camellias generally tolerate full sun, wind and partial shade, but some pale pinks and whites need filtered sunlight and protection. Brilliant emerald green leaves over spring and summer are sturdier and wider than with most weepers.€ Autumn tones of yellow, gold and crimson-red.€ Strong and vigorous growth.€ Protect from strong winds. Requires good drainage. Retains yellow colouring without fading. Small dark red flowers in spring. Flowers to 10cm long, cup-shaped with nine rosy-pink petals, soon fading to pale pink with a magenta central stripe. Add the plants … Flowers small and white in spring. Notable for its shiny green bark, striped silvery white. One of the few Japanese maples grown for the spring foliage colour, rather than the fall colours. Many variable forms. Good autumn colours. Extremely hardy, with-stands drought once established. Stately flowering tree. Several varieties available - Limelight, Mountain Green, Stephen's Island, Tandarra Gold, etc. Hardy, high health tree of medium size. Tidy, upright & compact growth makes it more suitable for residential gardens & street plantings than other rubrum varieties. (Syn P.glabra Red Robin). Prefers deep, fertile, well-drained soil. Excellent specimen or shade tree with cool lime coloured foliage. Flowers produced masses of large, yellow fruits. Deciduous. Excellent shade tree. Deciduous. Requires moist acidic soil. Hardy. Leaf colour changes to lavender-bronze and yellow in autumn. Order by 9.00am for same-day plant … It currently includes the data for the seed plants… Needs moisture until established. Large handsome tree developing dome-shaped crown with spreading branches. Spreading habit. Advanced Search Clear All Filters. Larger growing maple from eastern North America, well suited to cooler regions and moist soils. At Plant and Pot NZ we love modern indoor plants - buy online for delivery in Auckland. Deep green leaves. There are links at the species level to related weed and pest plant resources: Weedbusters, AgPest, MPI Biosecurity NZ, nzflora Weed Profiles, Ngā Tipu o Aotearoa – New Zealand Plants… A unique tree. Rich green leaves, coral red as they unfold, turning golden yellow in autumn. Fine autumn tones and excellent winter bough tracery - one of the best. Small rounded tree with deep red foliage throughout the summer. Dark green scalloped foliage turns yellow in autumn. Flowers from an early age. Fluffy, fragrant, greenish white flower head. Require good drainage, and protection from winds. Non invasive root structure. Large and profuse double delicate pink blossoms in November. Sweetly scented. Once established will tolerate extremes. Rich pink flowers which intensify with age, produced in large showy pendant clusters in spring. Deciduous. New spring foliage is soft green, turning orange-red in autumn. Evergreen. We deliver plants Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Plant Finder. Dark green glossy leaves turn vibrant scarlet, orange and yellow in autumn, even in mid climates. Densely foliaged with rich green leaves, young growths tinged pink. Deciduous. Evergreen. Compact, erect, rounded form. Flowers are white or tinted pink, Lily of the Valley like, in crowded clusters. Easy to grow. 'Shindeshojo,' amazes with a shockingly early season show. Prefers organically enriched well draining soil. Large voluptuous soft pink blooms similar to magnolia campbellii. Among the most beautiful. Dainty foliage, green in summer, brilliant autumn colours. Hybrid green elm of striking upright habit. Deciduous. Deciduous. Grows anywhere sheltered from salt winds. Evergreen. Dense, sharp-pointed leaves are stiff and bronze green. Spring foliage is tinted bronze. Brilliant autumn foliage. Available on 30cm and 60cm standards. Upright, pyramidal form with outer branches gracefully drooping, finely cut and lobed leaves taking on autumn shades of pale orange and apricot then becoming purple. Name means 'Willow-like foliage and weeping'. Prefers acid fertilizer. A vigorous selection which is partially self fertile. Evergreen & Hardy. Smaller glossy deep green leaves with some rusty felt underneath. Likes moist conditions. On the other hand, I hesitate to fill up my brain with too much information that seems useful only if should return to New Zealand … Leaves silver, grey, flowers creamy-white in spring. Upright spreading tree with graceful arching branches. Use the plant finder tool to easily search our online database of stunning colour photographs and informative plant descriptions. Medium sized compact densely branched shrub. Remains healthy and vigorous. The only truly self fertile variety. Dense tangly branches weeping to the ground. Forms a compact rounded multi-branched twiggy bush, with narrow-oblong to obovate dark green leaves, often golden in autumn. Deep yellow blooms, up to 35mm long, are borne in dense clusters from late winter to early summer. Ideal for smaller gardens. Fruit's flesh is smooth, soft and juicy. Narrow upright growth habit with smaller finer leaves. Dense pyramidal form maturing to a broad form, with drooping outer branches. Requires moisture until established. Smooth grey bark, dark green glossy leaves which turn reddish brown in autumn. New Vance Hoopoer hybrid. Hardy. Pale pink buds open to starry white blooms with a delicate pink blush on the exterior of the petals. Withstands wet conditions. It has an agreeable upright habit. Dimensions: Height according to standards - 1.8m & 2m stds. Has irregular sized polished and leathery deep green leaves. Drooping clusters of single and semi-double white, lightly fragrant blossoms. They prefer an acid fertilizer. Small white flowers. Beautiful shade tree for the larger garden. An outstanding newish arrival that is ideal as an avenue, shade or accent tree. Pyramidal, compact, dense form with ascending branches. In spring as the new buds open they reveal an intense shrimp pink leaf that slowly fades to green. Withstands winds, drought and excessive moisture. A hardy tree, useful for parks, streets and lawns. Leaves emerge as bright butter yellow and hold colour until they drop. Masses of early small pink flowers covering this dome shaped tree in early spring. Forms a small rounded tree, perfect for the small garden. Single pale pink blossom in spring followed by blackish purple foliage, retaining deep colour right through the summer. Fruit has a smooth skin and lower acid level than other lemon varieties. Can reach up to 25 metres over its long life. Good topiary option too for the garden or pot. Slower growing than other limes but very hardy. Deciduous. Thought to be a hybrid of Kanzan and Shimidsu Sakura. Tolerates moist soils and clay conditions. Evergreen. From the kauri forests of the far north to the mountain beech forests and alpine tussock of the Southern Alps, you'll find fascinating plants … Very high juice content. All Rights Reserved | Allwood Trees⼁Site by Concilio. Cold hardy. Online Plants And Mail Order Plants For Sale In Australia – Online Specialist Plant Nurseries, Plant Names, Plant Finder And Online Garden Nursery Directory. A quaint open and upright habit. Part Frost Foliage lobed. Moisture required until established. Very large leaves, rich red in spring, dull green through summer turning dark red to ruddy brown or orange in autumn. NZ native. Massive brilliantly ruby red with heavily textured flowers. Deciduous. Subtle perfume. Also make excellent jelly. Deciduous. Natural extracts from pepper, wild rue and clove can activate defenses against pathogens in tomato plants European Journal of Plant Pathology September 2017, Volume 149, Issue 1, pp 89–101 New Zealand Plant Finder Hardy. Very hardy and tough. Again, this keeper is ideally used as a hedge or topiary feature in the garden but can also be grown as a small specimen tree. Dense lemon-green foliage with good shape. Plant 60cm apart for a clipped screen under 2m or 1-1.5m apart if left untrimmed. Keep in a cool situation, avoiding hot dry winds. And, leaves you with subtle notes of a fruity like fragrance. Deciduous. 80% of our trees, ferns and flowering plants are endemic (found only in New Zealand). Deciduous. Bright glistening leaves with bronze underneath. Ideal for parks and farm shelter. Broadly spreading graceful tree with strong branching structure. Hardy. orms a large multi-stemmed shrub or small single-stem tree with spreading dense horizontal habit growth. Evergreen. Native to south easten USA where impressive aged specimans to 30 x 15m flourish in rich swamplands. Mainly broadleafed, flowers generally flat, funnel-, bell- or trumpet-shaped. Leaves oblong-ovate to 12cm long, dark green glossy, paler beneath, margins shallow-toothed, reddish petiols or stalks. Best in fertile soil, with some shelter and wind protection. Will tolerate drier conditions. Can be grown as a hedge or 'pleached'. Hardy, enjoys moist conditions and some wind protection. Deciduous. Upright clusters of fragrant, semi-double, shell pink flowers with deeper margins from mid to late spring. New shoots deep crimson-red for long periods in spring. Easy and reliable. Stately tree. A hardy, bushy spreading shrub developing into a broad urn-shaped mass. One of the most splendid elms. Lacy feather-like foliage, clear golden yellow when young, maturing to dark green. Cold hardy,  easy to grow. Searching the New Zealand Patent Register. Form of Yunnannensis with rounded leaves. Deciduous. Broad round crown .25 cm green leaves divided into 5 cm leaflets with toothed margins. Glossy, dark green, lobed leaves turning scarlet, yellow and reddish bronze in autumn. Scented Bold veined foliage and huge upright sprays of white conical flowers tinged with red, followed by spiny fruits which contain the shiny bronze 'conkers'. Attractive smaller rounder dissected foliage. 6x4m. Prefers some shelter from wind, and good drainage. Plants for coastal areas, that suit my location, natives, for shade, that attract birds, are evergreen, and more can be found with our plant finder tool. Part Shade The golden form of Black Tulip with the same heavily textured and goblet shaped flowers and smaller growth habit. Wide, open headed tree with rugged branches needing ample space to develop naturally. Pyramidal when young, open and round headed when mature. Suit moist conditions. It is tolerant of poorly drained positions. Considered one of the most brilliant Japanese maple for autumn colour. Leaves hang on tree well into winter. Leaves green turning golden- yellow then brown before falling. Includes full descriptions, how to grow info and many large images per plant. Ideal small garden tree. Low spreading growth habit with few thorns. Wind tolerant. Deciduous. Also used for hedges and for 'pleaching'. Has very fragrant white star shaped flowers. The problem is that a search on a misspelled species name, 'Euphorbia suzannae' lands on a completely different euphorbia species, Euphorbia suzannae-marnierae in the garden.org database. Slower grower than other Ash and smaller. Small, wrinkled, silvery-blue leaves carried on slender black stems. A small neat large bush, pyramidal grower, with deep green leaves. Large semi-double greenish yellow flowers occasionally flushed pink - freely borne from mid-October. Among the grandest and most beautiful evergreen flowering trees. Flowering cherries generally require moisture plus some shaping if neeeded in their early stages. Brilliant and popular yellow-foliaged tree. Deciduous. Small, neat & compact weeping tree with pendulous branches. Slightly scented. Long finely dissected deep reddish-purple leaves. Rounded tree, leaves large and dark green. Hardy. Lightly perfumed. Rapid growth, straight, tall with pyramidal crown.

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