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Lesser Scaup - hen. If your not sure which it is you can go to ducks unlimited and look at the duck id, they have an app also that's only a Buck or two for the id part. Greater Scaup tend to choose saltwater bodies, while Lesser Scaup are found in freshwater zones further inland. Of particular interest is the head shape. They can appear very similar to Greater Scaup when assuming this attitude, particularly when showing a green gloss to the head. Greater Scaup GRSC Aythya marila AYTMAR Lesser Scaup LESC Aythya affinis AYTAFF Steller's Eider STEI Polysticta stelleri POLSTE . Images A-F are of a pair of male Lesser Scaup present at Griffin Park in Bowling Green on 8 and 9 January 2007. Still, there’s quite a bit of overlap in their ranges, especially in the summer when Greaters hang out in lakes and bogs, in addition to their regular seaside dives. The larger size, rounder and proportionately larger heads, and overall cleaner appearance can be seen. Lesser and greater scaup are counted together in annual aerial surveys because the two species are hard to distinguish at a distance. Description The Description states that the Greater Scaup is larger than the Lesser Scaup, and that sentence has two references. Dec 24, 2012 - Greater Scaup Vs. Greater Scaup (hen) Wood duck baby heading out: Wood Duck (Drake) Redhead hen on golden waters: Blackduck drake preening: Canvasback (hen) Greater and lesser scaup are often found together, but the larger size of the greater scaup is very obvious. Female brown with white patch at base of bill. Lesser Scaup typically compress their head feathers when feeding eliminating the peak to the crown which gives them a totally different appearance. In flight, both sexes show a white stripe only on secondaries, shorter than Greater Scaup. Image H is of 2 male Lessers on the left and 4 Greater Scaup. There are, however, a number of differences. 1) Seen at Burnaby Lake (Vancouver BC) on March 23rd 2019. My first impression was greater scaup, but not sure. Notice that the head feathers are compressed and the peaked rear crown appearance is no longer evident. Lesser Scaup Hen World Champion carver and artist, Dennis Schroeder brings you these fantastic Competition Series Patterns. Senior Member. Size is one, as lesser scaup are about 20 percent smaller than greater scaup. Difference Between Greater And Lesser Scaup. Here, black-and-white males and chocolatey-brown females bob along on the waves. The Lesser Scaup has a peaked, angular head that the Greater Scaup lacks. The back is whitish with fine black vermiculations, and the tail and upper- and under-tail coverts are black. Hard to tell in the field These may appear dark on your display. Greater Prairie-Chicken GRPC Tympanuchus cupido TYMCUP Lesser Prairie-Chicken LEPC Tympanuchus pallidicinctus TYMPAL Lesser scaup females show the characteristic darker iris (bright yellow in greater scaup males and females) at closer distances. male Lesser Scaup (back, with male Greater Scaup in the front and Tufted Ducks), St John's Loch (Highland, UK), 25th February 2012 . The lesser scaup is also the more likely species to be found here, as they winter all across the southern tier of the U.S. as well as on the coasts, while the greater scaup is said to prefer salt water and winters mainly on the coasts, as well as some smaller inland areas in the south, from eastern Texas through Arkansas. Both images contain a male Greater Scaup in the center, and image N has a male Ring-necked Duck on the left. Wormy line feathers) consistent with a lesser or greater scaup. The primaries of Lesser are more uniform overall, and the inner primaries contrast less with the dark upperwing coverts than in Greater. 1-888-667-0559 Contact Us. Male greater scaup also have a larger, more round, green-tinted head than male lesser scaup. Features: Similar to the greater scaup in appearance and habits, but smaller and lacking the white on the primaries. Head shape is much more reliable than head color for separating the scaup. The greater scaup (Aythya marila), just scaup in Europe or, colloquially, "bluebill" in North America, is a mid-sized diving duck, larger than the closely related lesser scaup.It spends the summer months breeding in Alaska, northern Canada, Siberia, and the northernmost reaches of Europe.During the winter, it migrates south to the coasts of North America, Europe, and Japan. Brian is an award-winning photographer that has been published in international books and magazines. The nail size is probably the most consistently. Lesser vs. The neck, breast and upper mantle are glossy black, and the flanks and belly are white, sometimes with gray vermiculations on the lower flanks. Jan 24, 2011 #1 . Good luck. Her proportionately larger and deeper bill can be seen. I was thinking greater scaup because the black on the bill extends beyond the nail but I can only be positive if the wings were open. Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Ginger2000, Jan 24, 2011. The Greater's slightly larger size, rounded and proportionately larger head, and overall cleaner appearance can be seen. Greater Scaup. One of the many things that makes him a great photographer is his understanding of the identification and behavior of his subjects. Pat Lichtman. From what I've seen a blue bill refers to anything with a blue bill like scaup widgeon ext... ie its a general term.you order supplies for a scaup, lesser or greater...ie specific term. Learning to Identify Lesser and Greater Scaup ***This guest post is written by Brian Zwiebel. Pair bonds usually occur on the winter grounds and last until the hens … Greater Scaup Here are some comparison pics of the lesser and greater scaup I shot this weekend. The Greater and Lesser Scaup can be difficult to distinguish in the field. Image D is a close-up showing head detail. Habitat: In general, the lesser scaup is more likely to be found in interior or freshwater habitats while the greater scaup is more a coastal bird. Take your time to study it, and submit your answer in the comments section! Second, preening and scratching scaup sometimes roll over on their sides which at a, Third, a number of sources mention the length of the white wing stripe as a field mark, Baseline and Salome-The Famous Thrasher Spot, Learning to Identify Lesser and Greater Scaup, Birding Belize: A Guest Post by Tyler Ficker, Molt and Identification: Long-Distance Migrants. First a side-by-side comparison of Greater and Lesser Scaup. The barring does not appear to be spreading into the … EQUIPMENT: 40D | Rebel XT | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS | EF-S 10-22mm | EF 28 … Christopher ­ Perez. Sign into community or Create community account Lesser Scaup! Images M and N are comparisons of the scaup species in flight and are of the same flock as in images G-J. Also note, the nail (black tip) of the bill is quite small on LESC while the black spreads and is much, wider at the tip on a Greater Scaup. Lesser Scaup Vs Greater Scaup While weighing the evidence it is good to keep a few additional things in mind. Head shape also works quite well for the female (and immature male) scaup. The white wing stripe extends strongly into the primaries of the Greater, evident from above and below, and with more contrast between inner and outer primaries than in Lesser. Great photo's! Ginger2000 Call me Lee. Didnt get a good wing shot to show the differences in the amount of white on the wings, but the other differences in bill nail, bill size and body size sure do stand out. reliable field mark but unfortunately most birds will be too distant for it to be of much use. Lesser Scaup Duck Pictures . They may also do this when alert or threatened. A male Ring-necked Duck is also present. Images K and L are of a male Lesser Scaup present at Griffin Park on 9 December 2005. Great information. For sleeping fowl, body color becomes the primary clue. Flying Lesser Scaup. That said, color alone might not be enough for an identification, especially if there similar species like Greater or Lesser Scaup or Ring-necked Ducks nearby. The wing … Greater Scaup sometimes have the appearance of a flat spot on the head. Photos and text by David Roemer. Lesser Scaup Diving Duck . Image J shows a female Greater Scaup second from right. 2. Description: Male white sides, gray back, black breast and tail, purple sheen on head as opposed to green on Greater Scaup. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Lesser scaup drakes in nuptial plumage are often said to be recognizable by the purple instead of green sheen of the head and a darker back. Canvasback drakes are a bright white from nape to rump, while Redhead drakes are more sooty and gray. This is a LESC showing a green, roundish head. However, the primaries are paler than and do contrast with the darker coverts. Greater or Lesser Scaup? Scaup Ducks Identification . The white wing stripe extends strongly into the primaries of the Greater, evident from above and below, and with more contrast between inner and outer primaries than in Lesser. Male greater scaup have a glossy black head tinted green. GRSC have a much more rounded head. Image I has 2 male Greaters present, at the center and far right. The Lesser Scaup is a medium-sized diving duck with a small peak at the back of the head. None of the Lessers show a high peaked rear crown that is usually evident on resting birds. Head shape is one way to differentiate them, but winter habitat can help too. Images E and F depict how head shape can change with attitude. Image G is of a male Greater Scaup on the right with male Lessers, all with a relaxed attitude showing typical head shape and gloss. Other times we need to rely on the preponderance of the evidence. Peaked crown (Greater Scaup head is rounded). Also hard to tell from pics but greater scaups have a more round head when lessers have a flatter top of head … Aythya affinis The Lesser Scaup and the Greater Scaup are difficult to distinguish. male Lesser Scaups (& 1 female Ring-necked … The white wing stripe does not extend strongly into the primaries. Both images contain a male Greater Scaup in the center, and image N has a male Ring-necked Duck on the left. Lesser Scaup Hen vs. Redhead Hen Reference Pics The size and coloration difference are quite appearent once you have them in hand, the scaup is a much darker brown vs … From my favorite ducking hole using a 7D and the light sucking 100-400L. 261 posts Joined Oct 2009 Location: Great Pathetic NorthWet. The peak of the crown on the Greater Scaup is toward the front of the head and over the eye. During winter, location can be a deciding factor. Here we have a, LESC showing the flat back of the head. Part of complete kit SP-KT186A. Images B and C show the typical Lesser Scaup head shape with pointed rear crown and how head color can vary from purple to green gloss depending on angle. 13 posts, 1 page 1 . The lesser scaup has a straighter neck and more oval head with the peak further back, and a resting lesser scaup will show a notch or corner toward the back of the head. In the field, however, the black-and-white drakes and brown hens are very similar to greater scaups. Comparison of Lesser and Greater Scaup Note flat back, Another aspect of head shape to consider is the large jowls or “cheeky” appearance of, While we are discussing structure and build of the head, take a look at how broad the bill, To find a GRSC in a large group of distant LESC it can be useful to quickly scan. The peak of the head on the Lesser falls on the back of the head. Scaup Once an extremely abundant and sought after species, the Lesser and Greater Scaup numbers have now been on the decline for the last two decades and their numbers reflect a reserved daily bag limit of two per hunter. From the small peak, the back of the head and neck is flat, not rounded as it is on Greater Scaup. Greater scaup Birds Desc: The greater scaup, just scaup in Europe or, colloquially, "bluebill" in North America, is a mid-sized diving duck, larger than the closely related lesser scaup. This is one competitive courtship flight! Nov 16, 2009 15:04 | #1. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Images G-J were obtained at a slough along the Ohio River in Henderson County on 21 March 2007. The greater scaup has a more rounded head and nape, with the highest point of the head closer to the forehead. I hardly think that piece of information is so controversial as to need multiple citations; one would probably be right to assume it from the birds' names. The proportionately larger head, deeper bill, and steeper forehead of the Greater are evident. The Greater is more of a saltwater bird and the Lesser a fresh water bird. Even with quality optics and a great understanding of scaup identification we are sometimes left with no choice but to label a bird as scaup species and there is nothing wrong with that! They congregate by the hundreds and thousands along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts during winter. Having trouble distinguishing between greater and lesser scaups. Lesser scaup and the slightly larger greater scaup—two nearly identical species, both called “bluebills” by many waterfowl hunters—are diving ducks. More info . Yes, it is a hen Lesser Scaup. 1,113 1. These images are of a mixed flock of Lesser and Greater Scaup. In eclipse plumage the drakes closely resemble the hens in coloration. The Greater Scaup averages about 10% longer and 20% heavier than the Lesser Scaup. First, head shape is difficult to judge in flight. Competition Series Pattern only. Evening, sunset. The proportionately larger heads of the Greaters are apparent. Lesser Scaup Hen . Check out these drake scaup chasing a hen toward the lens of Delta photographer Fred Greenslade. The only circumpolar diving duck, the Greater Scaup breeds across the tundra regions in North America and Europe. male Lesser Scaup, Cosemeston Lakes Country Park (Glamorgan, UK), 23rd February 2012 . The Greater Scaup has a larger bill with a more pronounced nail (tip of the bill) than the Lesser Scaup. LESSER SCAUP HEN. Then a pop quiz of an unidentified Scaup species. Hi Brian, guessing this is the Brian my husband Bob and I met at Crane Creek many years back. Sometimes with the above clues scaup ID can be quite straight forward.

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